Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old is new again...

Well I've been an incredible slacker when it comes to posting in the past month and a half. I got a new job and settling in has taken up a lot of my time. However, I'm going to try to commit to posting semi-regularly now.

My boyfriend and I bought a new bed so of course I took the opportunity to move our bedroom around. So I was doing a little re-organizing/decorating yesterday (what else is new) and found a new jewelry fix. I have a ton of long necklaces that take up too much space to put on the wall with a shower curtain ring. Then I found an old doll closet that I used as a kid for my American Girl doll (the good old days).

I found that it was perfect for holding all the long necklaces so they don't get tangled. I had some extra room and found that it also made a great place to put all my sunglasses which are always everywhere and constantly getting lost. With the little extra room at the bottom I stacked all my jewelry gift boxes I've collected over the years (for some reason I hate to throw them out). They're great for storing small keepsakes or broken jewelry pieces for future craft projects. Now everything's organized and the old doll closet makes for a great room decoration.

I guess hoarding pays off sometimes.

PS. look closely and you can see me in the sunglasses!

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