Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pretty Product

Every now and then I like to share some of my favorite product finds, especially the ones that make life easier. One of the best products ever introduced to me is Essie's Good To Go nail top coat. This top coat literally dries nails completely in 10 minutes. I love to change my nail color so I usually do them myself (it's also much cheaper). However, I'm also extremely impatient and always want to jump to the next thing immediately after finishing the paint job. This means I usually end up messing them up. When I told a friend about this problem she introduced me to this wonderful product. Whether you do a french manicure or two coats of black your nails are dry in no time. Within the first five minutes they are only slightly sticky and within ten you can button a pair of jeans without worry. The top coat usually run about $10 to $12 but is definitely worth it. Especially since a bottle will last you much longer than a salon manicure, and that will usually run you the same price.

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