Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Keeping things together...

Well I've been slacking. Finishing up the semester and job hunting has kept me pretty busy the last couple weeks. However, I promised to show my household "kits" that I've created so I'll get to it.

I like the idea of keeping things I use at the same time together and I like to make them easy to transport from one room to another. Our bathroom in our apartment has a ton of storage space so I keep a lot of things in there that I don't necessarily use in there. To solve the problem of moving everything from one room to another I made myself little kits out of thing I found in my kitchen cupboards and bedroom closet.

Kit #1 Nail Station

First I grabbed an old toiletry bag to hold all of my foot scrubs, lotions and salts. Then I found an old wristlet and an old makeup bag to hold my nail polishes in a cute organized bundle. Then I grabbed a foot sized Tupperware container and placed everything inside, including my nail polish remover.  Now when I want to give myself a mani-pedi I can just grab the container and bring it to the living room/bedroom and get to work. Plus the Tupperware container doubles as a foot soak when you fill it with hot water. 

Kit #2 Ironing Tools

This time I used a storage container to hold my steamer, anti-wrinkle spray, iron and lint brushes. I slid them on the shelf right next to my ironing board so i can grab everything at once and move it to an area where there's actually room to get rid of my wrinkles. One day I'll have my own laundry room with space dedicated to this, but for now this works for me. 

Kit #3 Hair Care

Finally, I wanted to get rid of the mess of clips, headbands, brushes and other hair tools that resided under my sink. So I grabbed a cloth box I had purchased from Ikea when I redid my bedroom last year and used it to corral all of my hair supplies. I washed out two plastic containers (like the ones that hold rice pudding or ricotta cheese, etc.) I used one for all my clips and a taller one for all of my hair brushes. I slid my blow dryer and hair straightener next to them. I used a small makeup pouch to hold all my bobby pins and hair-ties so they were easy to find. The I slid my headbands into the remaining space. I didn't have time to cover the plastic containers in any kind of wrapping/craft paper to make them more aesthetically pleasing but I'll get to it. For now it keeps everything in place and easy to get to when I'm rushing in the morning!

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