Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick space saver

Since my apartment is small (thus the title of this blog) I'm constantly looking for ways to save room and keep thing organized. At the same time I'm adjusting to living with my boyfriend and an additional roommate. One of the biggest problem areas in our apartment is the sink. Everyone is constantly using cups and dishes (specifically my boyfriend and our friends) but no one cleans them. I don't mind doing the dishes but since I almost always end up washing everything at once I end up without enough drying space, particularly for glasses and tea cups. I would rather let the dishes air dry instead of drying them by hand so I came up with a quick, easy-to-do, space saving solution.

By putting this rack of hooks right above the sink I've created extra drying space, extra cabinet space and a cute way to display my tea cups. To create the rack I simply got this hook rack (you can get it at a hardware store, Home Depot, Target or even a dollar store). I then mapped out where I wanted to place it, using a level and pencil to mark where my screws should go. I screwed both screws in almost all the way and then placed the rack on them, screwing them in the rest of the way to lock the rack into place. Wallah! I've created some eye-pleasing storage space.

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