Monday, November 14, 2011

Quick Fix

So I went on an organizing binge today (you'll see the majority of the results in my next post) and came up with a few new ideas for keeping things in order. One of my biggest problem areas is my jewelry box, as it is for most women. Specifically my bracelets needed an overhaul. They're one of my favorite accessories and I have tons of them. I had purchased some small plastic baskets to keep them in not too long ago, but they didn't keep things neat enough and the baskets were taking up more space than I wanted. After mulling over the problem for a little while I came up with an easy solution. Shower curtain rings!

I had an extra package of shower curtain rings laying around (weird I know) so I opened one up and slipped a couple of bracelets on it, snapped the ring back into place and ta-da! A bracelet holder. I put a couple of thumbtacks up and hung each ring off of one in a row. Now all of my bracelets and rings are organized by style and they make a pretty display on my wall.

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