Monday, November 7, 2011

Warm and sugary deliciousness

One of the best things about fall is the food. As Thanksgiving approaches I've been deciding what dish I'm going to make to bring to my parent's and my boyfriend's parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner. One of my options is this delicious easy to make dessert. Cinnamon sugar apples is always good for a last minute get together since it doesn't take a lot of time to whip up.

What you'll need:
Apples. Depending on how big a dish you want to make the number of apples you'll need will vary. The recipe I'm using calls for 5 apples and will feed about five or six people.
1 teaspoon ground Cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground Nutmeg
1 teaspoon Sugar
1/4 cup Flour

Step one: peel each apple and cut off the outer edges around the core. You can also core the apple and chop up the remainder, but I prefer to just cut off as much apple from around the core as possible. Once you have gotten rid of all your apple cores, slice up the apple pieces into thin slices.

Step two: Mix all of your ingredients into a bowl. Then add your apples. Continue to mix the entire dish until the ingredients have turned into a syrup. Make sure all the apples are completely covered.

Step three: put your entire mixture into an oven friendly dish and cover with foil. Bake for about 40 minutes or until the apples are soft but not mushy.

Step four: Uncover and enjoy! Put them in a festive holiday dish for some extra sparkle.

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